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Eat At Crazy Eights...

or die!

Eat At Crazy Eights... or die!
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we only have eight seats
we will kick you out if you are not an origonal and there arent enough seats.
we control the pop machine
that has an obscene amount of dr. pepper
and a mix of coke and villina coke as one selection.
we will push the button for you
we will take your extra mellow yellow.
we will taunt you and make you feel awkard when using the machine.
we will ask "where is everyone?" when one person is missing.
we will buy each other cookies
we will share each others cookies
we will go up to the lunch counter at the last minute
in hopes of getting the last of the fries for free...daily.
we will ask where you were
if you were not there on time
we will crack jokes about our lessers
we will crack jokes about our equals
we will crack jokes about our greaters, though few.
we will fling pop tabs at you
and the attendants
and everyone
we will be sly about it
we are entirely smooth
we admit to the truth
we are the best at what we do.
these are the words you wish you wrote down.
this is the way you wish your voice sounds.
we will have inside jokes
between us
and between parts of us.
but everyone will laugh
we will clap and sing and shout
we will rock you
we move the table to an unreasonable spot for our comfort
we will clean up our spills with brown lunch bags
we do know that doing so doesnt absorb anything
and that it only moves the spill around.
we will be doing our homework that was due the previous hour.
we will go home and write an entire journal entry about it.
we are the table.
we eat at crazy eights.